5 Things You Should Never Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar is making a resurgence in the cleaning world. It is all natural, antibacterial and deodorizing. But there are some things that you just shouldn’t use vinegar on because it can do more harm then good.

Natural Stone

Natural stone surfaces including granite, travertine, limestone and marble should NEVER be cleaned with vinegar. This also includes countertops and tile floors! The acid in the vinegar can actually leave pockmarks and other damaging marks on the stone. Instead clean your natural stone with a mild detergent like your dish soap mixed with warm water. Use a soft cloth for your countertops and a mop to clean your natural stone floors. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your cloth or mop after cleaning the surface so that you don’t leave behind any soapy residue which can make your stone look hazy.

Your Iron

It has long been told that in order to clean your iron you should put vinegar into the water reservoir and use the steam function on an old towel. This may be good to clean off hard water build up, but the acid in the vinegar can actually damage the internal functions of the iron itself.

Washing Machine

It can be tempting to use vinegar to clean musty smells out of your washing machine, but the vinegar can actually eat away at the rubber seals in the machine. Instead, run the machine with one cup of baking soda on a hot water cycle. You can also purchase a washing machine clean that deodorizes and cleans.

Hard Wood Floors

Cleaning your wood floors with vinegar is a big no no. It can strip the protective layer on the wood that which could lead to discoloration and warping. In stead use a gentle cleaner made specifically for wood floors, or you can just use hot water (sparingly of course).

Electronic Devices

We all know how dirty our electronic screens can get, from finger prints to make up. Don’t rush to the vinegar to clean the screen though, it is too abrasive to use on the screens. Instead, use only cleaners that were specially formulated to clean them.