How to clean handwoven, Persian and Oriental rugs

If you have ever bought an antique, handwoven, Persian or Oriental rug, then you know how big of an investment they can be. Not only are these rugs a financial investment, but they can be that center piece that really makes the design of a room all come together. With a beautiful piece like that, it is something that you want to take care of and keep beautiful for years to come.

A Rug that is well cared for won’t need to be professionally clean more then every 4 or 5 years


Reputable rug cleaning companies will wash fine rugs by hand and dry them in the sun, but you can keep your rugs clean a home will a few simple tips. A Rug that is well cared for won’t need to be professionally cleaned more then every 4 or 5 years.

Clean Rugs Gently

Everything you need to clean your rug is already in your home, don’t use heavy-duty carpet cleaners. Use what you use for yourself – a soft soap or dish detergent that is soft on the skin. Wool fibers are filled with lanolin, an oil that is a built-in repellent. Using a strong cleaner on wool rugs removes this beneficial oil. The rugs may look cleaner at first, but without the protection of the lanolin, they will get dirtier much faster.

When it comes to natural fiber rugs, gentler is better.

Begin Cleaning

To begin cleaning either just a spot treatment or the entire rug, use the two bucket method. One bucket filled with cool water and another with warm water and gentle soap. Follow these cleaning steps.

Going in the direction of the nap (when you rub your hand against the fibers of the rug, the direction when it feels smooth). Using white towels, dampen lightly with plain water, soap lightly, dampen lightly. Work in 2×2 foot blocks. When done, allow the rug to dry in the sun, it will do amazing things to rejuvenate the oil.

Daily Rug Care

To keep your rug looking nice, just remember gentler is better. The worst thing that you can use on a wool rug is a high powered vacuum with bristles. It is better to use a low powered vacuum that gently glides along the rug. Even better, a straw broom and sweep the rug off in the direction that the fibers of the rug move in, then use the low powered vacuum and vacuum up what you have loosened. 

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