Cleaning Copper Pots

Copper Pots and pans make for amazing cookware for many reasons. Primarily, they are excellent heat conductors, so you can beautifully braise meats and simmer away soups and sauces.  It is also the new trend in kitchen decor. Copper has one major downfall though, it tarnishes, quickly and easily. If you don’t intend on cooking with your copper, a clear lacquer can be applied to prevent tarnishing, if on the other hand, you prefer to actually cook with your pots and pans, then a little love an attention is going to have to be had.

A great homemade solution to removing tarnish from your pots and pans is the Salt and Vinegar method. Here’s how!

What you will need

White Wine Vinegar


Scouring Sponge


How to

After your pot/pan has been cleaned with soap and water, pour a little bit of vinegar on the surface of the copper.

Add a light layer of salt.

Add a little more vinegar on top to dampen the salt.

Use your scouring pad to gently rub the copper.

Rinse with warm water and then dry, taking care to not leave finger prints that can tarnish more quickly.

The acid of the vinegar creates a reaction that brings out the brightness of the copper pots, while the salt gives it a gentle scrub to release any caked on grime.