Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards

It is a fact of life, no matter how tidy of a chef you are, you are going to get messy cupboards that need to be wiped down.  Kitchen cupboard door can be particularly tricky to clean because of all of the grease buildup. When you cook, the oils from our foods become airborne and can stick to every surface. Here is my remedy to cleaning that sticky greasy mess!

Dirty Cupboard


Dish soap (preferably something with strong grease fighting abilities)


Spray bottle

Vinegar and Soap
How to:

Mix about 1/4c of dish soap with 1c of vinegar in a spray bottle. Fill the remaining portion of the bottle with water. These measurements are for a standard sized spray bottle, so if you have something smaller make sure to decrease the amounts respectively. These amounts really don’t need to be exact, just eyeball it.

Spray down all of your cupboards.

Put on a pot of coffee or boil the kettle for a tea and enjoy! This allows the cleaning solution to sit and really power away at that grease and stuck on grime.

Wipe off! Make sure that you are rinsing your cloth with warm water as you complete each cupboard because you will just end up spreading dirty water all over the rest of your cupboards.

Tada! you are done! Now wasn’t that easy?! The trick is to let the cleaning solution to do the work for you.

Clean cupboard