Are you finding that you don’t have enough time in the day to clean the house? When you do finally have time,  are you overwhelmed by all that needs to be cleaned? Here are some tips that will help even the busiest person clean quickly and efficiently.

Keep your tools close by!

When moving from room to room, bring a bucket with all of your cleaning supplies in it. Having everything on hand eliminates the back and forth between room just to collect paper towels and dusting rags.

Work Clockwise

Studies that show most people work faster if they enter a room and start on the left working clockwise. This makes for a nice cleaning flow and you aren’t cleaning the same area twice. Don’t forget when cleaning to always start at the top and work down.

Use a Timer

When you start cleaning a room, set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes, depending on how dirty the room is. Knowing that you have a time limit will help you to stay focused, not get caught up in  the unimportant things that pull you away from you doing what you came there to do.

Tidy as you go

It is much easier to keep a house clean then to constantly schedule time to clean. If you are diligent about picking things up as you see them, it will make the time spent tidying before you clean a lot less.  So when you actually have the time set aside to do some cleaning, that is all you are doing, the actually cleaning.


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