Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning

Now that the holidays are over and you have probably baked more then you have the whole year, it is time to take back our homes, fix some of the destruction that has occurred from outside guests, busy schedules and the general chaos of the holidays. So lets start with our oven. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but I detest having to look through dirty oven glass. Here are some tips to quickly and easy get your oven looking like new, the non-toxic way!

Here is my oven before




















Baking Soda

Glass scraper (can grab one from the dollar store!)


First, mix about 1/2c of baking soda with just enough water to make a paste.

Apply the paste to the door and the inside of the oven.

Wait 15-30minutes depending on how dirty the oven is.

Use a wet dish rag to wipe off some of the excess baking soda, then use the glass scraper and gently scrape the oven glass. I have seen a lot of people skip the glass scraper, but honestly it cuts the cleaning time from 10 minutes to 2! I didn’t find the baking soda and water enough to power through the grime on the glass all by itself.

For the inside of the oven, I used the glass scraper again, making sure that I was applying even pressure so I would not scratch the metal on the inside of the stove. Do this at your own risk! The baking soda and water mixture worked like magic for this area of the oven! It literally just peeled off will little to no work.

I will never clean my oven any other way again, no more crazy toxic fumes. No more scrubbing like crazy while trying not to breathe because of the strong oven clean. Who knows, maybe my oven will be getting cleaned a lot more often then it used to, now that I know how easy it can be!