Halloween Clean-up

Halloween ushers  in fun, excitement, decorations and children in well thought out costumes as we begin the falls season. With all of that fun and excitement also comes a lot of mess! From chocolate covered faces (and carpets) to face paint and candle wax. Here are some tricks to help you with the post Halloween clean-up!


To remove pumpkin stains on fabric and carpets, start by scraping off the excess pumpkin. Add 1 tablespoon dish liquid to 2 cups cold water. Dip sponge into solution and blot stain until liquid is absorbed. Once the stain is dry, rinse with cold water.

Candle Wax

Scrape off excess wax. For fabrics, place in freezer until wax hardens. Scrape off the rest. For removing candle wax on carpets, scrape off excess wax first. Next, cover carpet stained area with a clean white cloth. Use the tip of a warm iron and press into the cloth until the wax is transferred from the carpet to the cloth.

halloween chocolate


Scrape off as much chocolate as possible without spreading the chocolate deeper into the fabric. Spray on hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Soak. Rinse. Machine wash.

For removing chocolate from carpets:
Remove as much of the solid pieces as you can without damaging the carpet fiber. Pick or scrape the chocolate off and then vacuum up any loose pieces that remain. Add a very small amount of dish detergent to hot water. Take a clean cloth and carefully blot the stain with the mixture. Do not rub the carpet, just blot until the cloth stops picking up the stain. After the stain is removed, leave the area to dry.
Once the carpet is dry, you can remove any residue left from the dish soap by repeating the process with water and vinegar. (1 tablespoon of vinegar to 2 cups warm water.)