Holiday Cleaning Guide

The holiday season is official upon us. We may be finished with Thanksgiving, but there is still more gatherings to be had. The holidays can be stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning, here are some holiday cleaning tips to help the holidays run a little more smoothly.


First things first, we need to de-clutter, this will make the cleaning process go a lot smoother (and make room for those new Christmas gifts you will be getting). If you are a parent, go through your kids clothes and pack away or donate all of the clothes that no longer fit them. Have your children go through their toys and pick out the ones that they no longer play with, this will make room for all the new clothes and toys that they may get and help prevent future clutter. DONATE whatever you no longer use. There are many needy families who could use the donations for their kids this holiday season.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

You will be doing some heavy cleaning and go through more product then usual, the last thing you are going to want to do is to make yet and another trip to the grocery store just to pick up cleaning supplies.

Detailed Cleaning

Along with your regular cleaning routine, there are a few things that can be done to really spruce up the house. Clean your windows and doors. Dirty streaky windows are a no no, freshly cleaned windows allow more light to come in and brighten the holiday mood. Don’t forget about those doors and door knobs. With so many people coming in and out of your home, the doors can get surprisingly dirty, especially if you have a light colored door. Just give the door a quick wipe down with an anti-bacterial cloth and you are good to go.

Seating Areas

Now is a great time to vacuum the seating areas. After months of siting on the couch and chairs, there can be a surprisingly large amount of dirt and crumb build up. Take the cushions off the couch and vacuum in the cracks, who knows maybe you might even find some change in there. Toss your throw pillows through the wash to give them that nice clean scent.