How to clean your blinds!

There are many schools of thought when it comes to cleaning blinds. Some people use feather dusters, some remove the entire blind and wash it in the bath tub, this is the easiest and most effective method that I have found.

  • bucket
  • old sock
  • vacuum with brush attachment
  • soap and water

There really is no trick to this method beside making sure that you vacuum the blinds off first to remove most of the dust so that it doesn’t just  get spread around when you wipe them down.

So here we go!


1) vacuum off the blinds with a brush attachement

2) Fill your bucket with warm soapy water, you can add vinegar as well to help eliminate any grease or odors that may have collected, this is especially effective on kitchen blinds.

3) Place the sock on your hand like a sock puppet and grab one pane of the blind and just run your hand along the length of it. This will clean both the top and underside of the blind. Continue to repeat this process  across the whole blind and you will be done in no time!


Happy cleaning!