How To Effectively Organize Your Garage

Spring is upon us in full force, time to clean some of those places that we have been putting off all winter. You know that place that we try to turn a blind eye too every time we get into our cars? That’s right I am talking about the garage! We have put together some tips to help the task seem a little less daunting.

Start with the basics!

Get rid of anything you no longer use. Sort everything into groups. Throw out any garbage, put the garden tools in one spot, sports equipment and other outdoor play items together . Any items that are used together can be stored together. The idea is to have a cohesive system where everything can be found and used easily.

Store items in clearly labeled boxes or containers. This will cut  down the amount of floor space used as you will be able to stack them. I like to use clear plastic bins with lids because it offers a little more protection and it makes things easier to see.

When you are stacking your containers pay attention to the items in the bins, be sure to make the things that you use on a regular basis easily accessible.

Get things off the floor!

To maximize the space in your garage, get things off the floor by taking advantage of your wall space. Installing peg board is a cheap and easy to installation. There are many compatible accessories for the peg board that will allow you to hang a large array of tools, extension cords or even your kids hula hoops.

Use an old Dresser
One of my favorite ways to organize my garage is by using an old dresser. It is a great way to organize clutter while also minimizing the  visibility of all the nick knacks as soon as you pull into the garage. It adds a bit of style and interest as well.
Safety First!

As you begin to put things away, make sure that you use good safety practices. Keep all sharp tools and hazardous materials out of reach of children. It is also not recommended that you store gasoline or propane in your garage as it can pose a fire risk.