Vacuum properlyAre the edges of your carpet dingy and looking darker then the rest of your carpet? That may be a sign that the floors aren’t being vacuumed properly.

You see, when you have a central heating/cooling system it circulates air through the room and pulls it down the walls, toward the cold air returns. If the air is dirty, from dust, you can wind up with dark streaks at the bottom of your walls where the flooring meets the baseboard. The way to combat this is through proper vacuuming which is more then just running that vacuum back and forth on your carpet.

How To Vacuum Properly

Perform the following steps as part of your weekly cleaning routine then vacuum high-traffic areas at least once mid-week (more often if you have pets or kids who play on the floor).

Dust first!

Vacuums use to be known for emitting dust into the air when you used them so people use to dust after they vacuum, but that has all changed with he new HEPA filters. Now you just need to shake your curtains to loosen dust then wait a few minutes to vacuum it up. Then, use a damp microfiber cloth and dust your furniture.

Prepare the area

Pick up toys, pet beds, and other large items from the floor. At least once a month you should also move chairs and small furniture to another room, and pull your sofa from the wall so you can vacuum there as well.

Prepare your vacuum.

Before you begin make sure your vacuum’s dust basket or bag is empty. Take the time to clean your vacuum before you start, and again monthly.

Vacuum the edges of the room first.

Use the crevice attachment at the base of walls and unmovable furniture. This should be done at least twice a month, but weekly is ideal.

Vacuum under raised furniture.

Dust builds up beneath raised furniture like sofas, entertainment centers, or bookshelves. Use the floor attachment and vacuum beneath these pieces at least twice a month.

Vacuum in two directions.

If you look at your carpet closely you’ll see the fibers are twisted loops. Dirt collects all the way around the fibers, so vacuuming in only one direction doesn’t completely clean them. On the first pass, vacuum your room left to right then turn and vacuum it from front to back (or vice versa) so you’re cleaning the fibers from all directions.

Vacuum SLOWLY!

Vacuuming slowly ensures that you are giving the vacuum enough time to adequately suck up dust and pet hair. Make sure your strokes with the vacuum overlap.

If this seems like a lot of work, feel free to give Maid Teams in Athens, Ga a call for all of your cleaning service needs.