Garden Shed Organization

Organization tips to clean the clutter in your shed for a functional workspace

Having a well organized shed not only allows for a more functional work space  where things are easily found but it is also safer without the risk of tripping on sharp tools. It allows for great storage room for essential garden tools like lawnmowers and wheel barrows.

Here are some organizing ideas to get you started:

Put up shelves

Using pre-built shelves make for a quick and easy installation on shed walls.

This frees up floor space, making it easier to get around the shed. Bulky items such as empty plant pots, watering can, bicycle chains, fertilizer and other garden accessories can be placed neatly on shelves and readily available.

Hooks For Garden Tools

Hooks are useful for hanging tools such as clippers, shovels, forks and spades. Hanging lawn and garden tools will enable easy access to them when needed.

Hanging tools also helps reduce the risk of injury by removing the  likelihood of tripping over them on the floor.

Take advantage of corner storage

Keep a large corner of the shed empty for storing bulky and heavy objects such as canoes or golf bags.

Long, skinny tools such as a hoe and rake can be leaned against the wall or stood up in a large barrel or box.

A well-organized shed is not only a  place to store things but makes it easier to get rarely used items easily when needed. The better organized the shed it, the more room there is to move around and find things.

It is also safer because sharp objects are kept out of the way in a safe place.


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