How to Properly Store Batteries

With Christmas almost upon us, there will be an influx of toys and gadgets that require batteries. I am sure that we all have that box, bag or drawer filled with random loose batteries, that we aren’t even sure work or not. Here are some tips on how to properly store batteries.

1. Keep your batteries in the original package if possible

Keeping your batteries in their original package keeps them free from moisture and humidity that is in the air that can promote corrosion. It also helps in recognizing which batteries are new and which are used.

2. Store your batteries in a cool location

Batteries may be stored in the fridge to extend their life, make sure that they are tightly sealed in a plastic bag to keep the moisture levels down.

3. Be careful of 9v batteries

If your 9v batteries have a plastic cover on them, leave it on, this will prevent the batteries from conducting electricity and loosing their charge.

4. Keep new and old batteries separated

Avoid storing used batteries with old batteries, if they touch each other it could  cause them to conduct electricity and loose their charge.


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