Removing Stains from a “Stainless” Steel Sink

“Stainless Steel Sink” that name can be deceiving. The name suggests that it will almost take care of itself as far as being a stain repellent, unfortunately that it just not the case. If you have a sink that has become dingy and lost its mirror like shine, then we have your solution.

We have tried many different options as far as removing stains from our sinks: baking soda and peroxide, bleach, and dish soap and vinegar, this is by far the easiest and most cost effective method. Magic Eraser!



How to

Firstly, give you sink a quick wash with warm water and dish soap to get rid of any dirt, grim or grease.

With a damp magic eraser, rub the sink in the direction of the “grains” of steel. Not only will you see the rust and grime stains magically lift away, it will also help conceal some of those micro scratches.  Give it a quick rinse and Tada! you are done!