Speed Cleaning Tips from the Maids

The Holiday season is here and that means hectic schedules, holiday baking and all around business.  With everything that we are doing to get ready it can be hard to keep up with housework.  Maid Teams cleaning service has  some speed cleaning tips to help keep the house presentable incase there are some unexpected guests who want to stop by last minute.

1. Clean one room at a time

Make a point to not leave the room that is being cleaned until it is done.  Moving from room to room as you clean will only slow things down. Do things thoroughly the first time. This includes dishes.

2. Let the cleaning products do the work

To avoid wasting time scrubbing guck and grime, mix simple white vinegar and equal parts dish soap together. Gently shake. Spray on the dirty areas and allow to sit while you work on the rest of the room. This is an excellent bathroom cleaner, be sure not to use it on granite countertops as it can eat away at the sealant. After you let whatever cleaning supply you are using sit for a little bit. when you make you come back, the mess should wipe right up!

3. Organize the cleaning supplies

Use a bucket or carrying tub to organize the cleaning supplies. This can be carried from room to room as you clean so you don’t have to constantly leave to go get another cleaning supply. This saves a surprisingly large amount of cleaning time in the long run.

4. Clean as you go

One of the best tips for speed cleaning is to clean as you go throughout the day so when it comes time to do deeper cleaning, it isn’t much at all. This is as simple as whipping up spills as they happen while cooking, putting items back as soon as you are done with them and sweeping after meals or other times when messes are bound to be made.

5. Set a timer

Have a daily timed decluttering session. Set a timer for 10 – 15 minutes and have everyone pick up as much clutter as they can in that time. It is amazing how much can be picked up in 10 minutes!

7. Prepare the floors for cleaning

Before you vacuum any room, go around the entire house and pick cords off the floor, move furniture and pick up miscellaneous items up. If the floors are prepped before vacuuming starts, you won’t have to stop and pick things up while you are doing it, making it go a lot faster.

8. Use area rugs

Using area rugs in high traffic areas can reduce the amount of dirt that is spread throughout the house, reducing the amount of vacuuming and shampooing of carpets that may need to be done later on.

9. Follow a schedule

Make a cleaning schedule for daily tasks. If maintained, there will be a lot less scrubbing and deep cleaning needed all at once. Staying on top of things will eliminate the rush to do a bunch of cleaning when you know company is arriving as your place will be pretty clean to begin with and only require some light touchups.

10. Organize the mail

Lastly, deal with papers and mail as soon as it comes. One of the quickest ways to clutter your home is not to have piles of papers and envelopes all over the table and counter.

Here at Maid Teams, we know how busy the Holiday season can be. Let us help you reduce some of that stress by having out experienced Team of Maids come to your house or business, we will have your house clean and ready for guests so you can focus on the important things, time with your family and friends.

Maid Teams is a house and small business cleaning service for the  Athens, Ga and the surrounding area.