Surviving Back to School, in an Organized Way!

Here we are again! The start of a new school year, sometimes the start of a new school year can feel like more of a fresh start then actual New Year’s Day (at least it does for me!). This is a great time to get organized and stream line your life to make chores and daily activities run more smoothly, thus freeing up time for other, more entertaining activities.

Start New Routines

Look at some of your daily routines and find out what is working for you and what is not, hold onto the routines that really make life easier and fine tune or all together change the ones that are not. Were you really hoping that the kids would start making their own beds? Now is the time to begin that routine. Make it a rule that when they get up in the morning for school, they must make their beds before they leave their room. Even the younger kids can partake in this activity! The beds may not look as pretty as when you make them, but it will get better with time and it is one last thing that you no longer need to take care of any more. Besides, you would be surprised how much cleaner a room looks just  by having the bed made.

Create a Homework Station
Find a spot in your house where the kids won’t be distracted by the t.v. or toys, maybe in front of a nice sunny window. In this area store extra school supplies like pencils, paper, glue and scissors. This can help to keep the clutter off of your table and it makes things easier for the kids as they will have all of the supplies that they could need to finish their homework in one easily accessible spot.


Clean your Coat Closet or Mud Room

What does this have to do with getting ready for school? Just hear me out on this one! Organizing your closet or mud room and creating a space for the little ones to store their backpacks prevents them from being left on the kitchen floor, living room floor or even in the garage. This way they will have their own place to hang things up as soon as they get home and it no longer becomes something you are tripping over or having to remind them to do. It will soon enough become a routine.