The Truth behind some Pinterest Cleaning “hacks”

There are a lot of cleaning “hacks” posted all over Pinterest. Some work and some do not.  We have compiled a list of cleaning tricks that we have seen that simply are just a waste of time and effort and why they do not work.

Cleaning Trick : Spraying hairspray on an ink stain in fabric

This could have actually been a good cleaning trick if it were posted 5+ years ago. Hairspray used to contain large amounts of alcohol in it which would remove the ink stain, but now a days most hair sprays have switched their ingredients and no longer contain as much of that active stain fighting ingredient. Instead, reach for the bottle of rubbing alcohol and pour a generous amount of it on the ink stain. This works best the fresher that the stain is and especially if the fabric has not been laundered.

Cleaning Trick: Car wax on your stove to make clean up easier

Some people claim that putting car wax on your stove top can make clean up quicker and easier. I am not so sure that such a heavy duty method is the best idea. The car wax is not made to be used near or around food and could be combustible when it is exposed to high temperatures. It is best to wipe up the mess as it happens instead of letting it get backed onto the surface.

Cleaning Trick: Cornstarch on burns from the iron

Scorch marks from an iron are literally burnt fibers on your clothing, putting corn starch on them is not going to make them be any less burnt. You can however try rubbing laundry detergent on the fabric to work away some of the scorched fibers and then launder it as usual. If it is heavily burned, no amount of scrubbing will save your clothing unfortunately.