What tools should you use when cleaning your house?

There are a lot of debates on what cleaning tools we should be using while cleaning our homes. Have you heard the whole sponge VS cloth debate? We have put together a comparison list of all the tools that we recommend and why.  Who knows, maybe it can even help solve a household debate on this subject.

Sponge VS Cloth

When it comes to the sponge vs cloth debate, the cloth wins! Especially when referring to the microfiber cloth. With all of the pits and crevices in a sponge and their tendencies to stay damp for longer periods of time, sponges are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It is best to stay clear of sponges all together. A microfiber cloth is better at cleaning surfaces, is machine washable and quick-drying, which means that microfiber cloths are less likely to hold onto germs.

Broom VS Vacuum

Brooms have a tendency to move dirt around rather then removing it completely. They are good for a quick tidy up, but if you want your floors really clean, use a vacuum.  Make sure that you do regular maintenance on your vacuum. Clean the roller brush or changed the HEPA filter. Ignoring important maintenance can impact the suction of a vacuum, making it less effective at picking up dust and debris, and ultimately leaving a lot behind.

Floor Clean VS Floor Steamer

While some floor cleaners promise to do it all, they’re not always the best option when it comes to deep cleaning your floors. Steam cleaners are amazing because not only can they remove stains off ceramic tile or vinyl flooring, they can also get hot enough to kill bacteria lingering in hard-to-reach places or tile grout. If your family had a particularly rough cold and flu season, this may be the best way to rid your home of those germs for good.

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