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Who We Are?

Maid Teams started in 1986 in the basement of Jan and Cliff Oliver. Originally starting out as a franchise, in 1991 they created the “Maid Teams”, and became an independent business. What started out as one employee has grown to over 25.

Why we work in teams!

Maid Teams currently has 5 teams, each team consisting of 4 people, which includes a Supervisor and Coordinator on each team. Working in larger teams allows us to get in and out of most houses/businesses quickly. Many times for regular customers we are only in the house for about an hour. Currently, all of our Supervisors have over 10yrs experience with Maid Teams. Each new hire must pass a drug test and a background check. Below are the supervisors of each of our 5 teams.

Meet the Team!

Mary Brittian

Team 1 Supervisor

Mary has worked at Maid Teams for 28 years.  She is Maid Teams longest serving employee.  Her faithfulness and dependability has been unbelievable.

Tonya Noell

Team 2 Supervisor

Tonya has worked at Maid Teams for 20 years.  What her team can do to a messy house in a short amount of time is amazing.

Kaye Adams

Team 3 Supervisor

Kaye has worked at Maid Teams for 20 years. She loves doing as many houses as possible each day and her teams efficiency is impressive.

Heather Jenkins

Team 4 Supervisor

Heather has been with Maid Teams for 10 years.  Her team has excellent attention to detail and is always willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

April Tittle

Team 5 Supervisor

April has been with Maid Teams for 15 years.  Her easy going personality and teams ability to clean any type of house is tremendous.

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